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Title: Indie games & the FLGS
Post by: Clay on June 01, 2009, 11:13:35 AM
Just wanted to drop a note in here to mention that Indie games are getting a lot of traction in the local game stores.  I went into two different stores last week selling games from Matt Snyder and Jared Sorenson, plus a fair number of other games.  I don't know how they're selling, but it's good to see that they are there.  I'm going to try to run a demo of Dust Devils in one of the stores just to try to encourage them to keep doing things like stocking indie games.

Title: Re: Indie games & the FLGS
Post by: Eero Tuovinen on June 01, 2009, 11:17:56 AM
Here in Finland the situation is similar: through this last year the foremost rpg store chain, Fantasiapelit, has taken up indie titles as a pretty routine part of the repertoire (through IPR, I understand). They don't make a big point of it, but they seem to be grouping the IPR games together as opposed to spreading them out amongst the general stock.