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Re: Mechaton rules questions

Started by Mantisking, January 28, 2008, 01:29:14 PM

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I got by using five bricks of 16 dice each (Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Green) for d6's with a handful of d10's.  We had plenty of dice left over, although this was only for a two player game.

David Artman

Vincent, can you split and sticky your dice count explanation? I (and others) will likely refer to it when I get the book and am at my FLGS buying (more) dice.

Of course, that's AFTER I find Chessex Borealis Black-on-Clear--the ONLY dice I now buy--in bulk for d4s and d8 to play Dogs (what is it with you and fistfuls of dice?). :)
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