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Author Topic: [dogs] The nature of Traits? (n00b GM flounders a bit)  (Read 14660 times)
David Artman

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« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2008, 09:41:41 AM »

I hear ya on the See-Raise thing. We've recently come to realize that we (or I at least) load WAY too much into Sees. I have decided that this is a good thing (*pats self on back because self is so damned creative and fired up*) but I have to try to save my statements and dole them out slower.

I think this comes about from using dialog a lot to invoke Traits (rather than, say, using visuals or internal monologues or whatever), and so I end up rambling on a bit to grab up dice and roll them... then I realize, "Damn, I don't really have a good Raise now, I shot my wad on the Invokes and See."

So now I'm going to make a point in our next session of going a bit more granular: letting my Invokes generate dice, then pushing forward a See on the weight of the Invokes alone (piggybacking, so to speak) so that I can then make my zigging Raise (which was formerly the trailing end of a ranting See).

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