[D&D 3.5] "I don't play for endings" (way too long)

Started by Callan S., January 20, 2008, 12:31:06 AM

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Callan S.

Quote from: masqueradeball on February 04, 2008, 06:59:48 AM
Well, there you go - sometimes you want to, sometimes you don't. That's how it is, it's not a matter of debate or talk. Either you'll be wanting to or you wont.


What? I don't understand your point at all. I feel like the original question is rhetorical, not in the sense that you didn't want an answer at all, but that you wanted the answer so you could use it to make a point. Please just make the point, because I don't understand what your saying or how it related to the topic of the thread.

Are you saying that? Well, I could sit here and give you a bunch of possible meaning for what you said, but you said, so please explain. You've seriously lost me.

Callan S.

Part of your post was
QuoteExtreme A) No one talks about what is happening in play, everyone plays the game without in put, advice or deal brokering between players.
Extreme B) Every action take part by any player comes after long negotiations with the other players.

I find both methods to be fun and enjoyable, and I like in-between play as well, but some people hate A and hate B, though both are perfectly allowable within the rules... thus, discussions is necessary.
I showed you an example where I asked what you wanted. You said sometimes you want it, sometimes you don't. There's no discussion between us - I don't start suggesting to you what you actually want. Once you answer, your answer stands.

So it's an example of discussion not being necessary at all, to disprove your suggestion that discussion is always necessary.

I'd prefer if you PM me if you wish to discuss it further, since it seems it could hash out all too easily. We can try and find some common ground in PM. And if we do, we can post it here.

Hi Andy,

I don't think I've 'wandered' onto a pitch - it's been explicitly advertised as soccer, then when I arrive it's aussie rules. But people still insist it's soccer, whist holding onto the aussie rules rule book, titled 'Soccer'. Again, I think this is a topic that will hash out all too easily - PM me and we'll try to work out some common ground there, then bring it here.