[New Robot-Technothriller RPG] UCHRONIA is now available

Started by baron samedi, April 23, 2008, 02:27:49 PM

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baron samedi

Silence Indigo's new technothriller role-playing game and sourcebook, UCHRONIA: MECHA EXODUS™, is now available at www.silenceindigo.org

UCHRONIA: MECHA EXODUS™ is about the dramatic dilemmas faced by emancipated transforming robots ('mechas') and North Korean Special Forces in a submarine city, in the alternate future of 2017. While the new Cold War between North Korea and the Western NATO powers threatens to escalate into World War III, the mechas' fragile treaty is threatened by political conspiracies, terrorist insurgents, secret experiments, robot cults, and military escalation. What will you sacrifice for peace, truth, or even sanity?

Featuring intensive background information, warring mecha factions, an iterative story model, a story track to measure the escalation of Alienation, Truth and War and over 20 illustrated NPCs.

The game comes in two versions:
1. A stand-alone "indie" role-playing game system, sourcebook and adventure, featuring a rules-light system based on stake negotiation, conflict repercussions and character-focused issues
2. A D20 Modern/D20 Future sourcebook and adventure, featuring a new Advanced class (North Korean mech saboteur) and D20 Future compatible templates for transforming mechas

Available as a PDF download (full-colour) for 12,49$ USD or softcover book (black & white) for 19,99$ USD at www.silenceindigo.org.

Presently both the "indie RPG" and a reversible "double edition" (reversible indie/D20 Modern systems) versions are available exclusively from Silence Indigo's storefront. Minor adjustments are still made to make the D20 Modern-only version available shortly.

Silence Indigo is a project-based initiative of authors, illustrators and layout artists from Canada, France and Germany working together for the design, illustration and auto-publication of role-playing games and game boards, in French and English.

Website: www.silenceindigo.org