Help/ideas wanted to help prmote a new indie rpg

Started by malladin_ben, June 27, 2008, 07:04:18 AM

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Hi folks,

I've got a new indie game ready for release (pdf format) and was wondering if anyone could provide any advice on how to promote it.

Previously I've published D20 stuff, and I know the sites to email to promote such products, but as my new game is an indie game, I'm not sure which sites (other than this one, which doesn't have a press releases section) to email to try and raise some awareness for my product. So can anyone advise me on what the best sites are to send some announcements to, or other cheap strategies for raising the online profile fo the game?

Also, I've previously had a few reviewers who I sent a free copy of my D20 products to get reviews up on the D20 sites. Is there any sites and/or reviewers who are well thought of amongst the indie community that I could ask to review my new game?

Thanks in advance,


Graham W

There's no easy way, really.

The best strategy is to take it to conventions and play it, a lot. Grab people you wouldn't normally play with and get them to play it.

Site-wise: you could post in Directed Promotion on Story Games, although a conversation about your game will generate more interest than a press release.

Review-wise: no-one immediate comes to mind, although I've written reviews of indie games and so has Matthijs, who posts around these parts occasionally. (There are podcasts that review games, I understand, but I don't know much about them.)

Otherwise: the trick, really, is to fire other people with enthusiasm about your game. There is no set formula for doing this, otherwise we'd all do it. However, it probably involves talking enthusiastically about your game, preferably in person, and playing the game with other people.

Note: you're allowed to be a little pushy, providing you're polite. Drop your favourite game designer an email, asking if he'd mind looking at your game. Drop your favourite podcast a line, saying you'd really appreciate help getting word out about your game. If someone expresses an interest in your game, talk to them about it. (For example, I've expressed a tangential interest by posting this, so you should probably drop me a message.)

Good luck!



RPGnet is an excellent resource for generating attention about your game, and has a large base of both d20 and small press games fans.  At the very least you could post an ad there.