[Sorcerer] Contacting/Total Failure - I must have missed a rule somewhere

Started by pygstasis, May 15, 2008, 07:23:29 PM

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In Sorcerer, on page 86, the rules for Contacting with the help of hallucinogens state "the sorcerer must roll his will vs dice equal to the number of hits dropped.  Failure means that his will is impaired by one for several weeks;  total failure ( no victories) means that the loss is permanent."  What I don't understand is what is the difference between failure and total failure?  As I understand it, *any* victories rolled would mean the roll was a success.  Help in clearing up my confusion will be much appreciated!   

Marshall Burns

I think that if the drugs get a Total Victory, that means you got a Total Failure.



Doh!  That seems so clear now.  Thanks for the quick reply!

Ron Edwards

Yeah, that's a bit of inadvertent terminology - I was too quick to assign a Capitalized Importance to that outcome. I would have done better to write, "If the values of all of the player's dice are under all the values of the opposing dice," or something like that.

Best, Ron