My plans for new TSOY products

Started by Eero Tuovinen, May 06, 2008, 01:30:36 PM

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If there is a html page, I can easily create a pdf from it – I did it easily enough with my current version of tsoy. For those interested, I can provide a link. Let's just say that I picked up a tool that Clinton mentioned before he went onto his hiatus, and it turns out to do it's job quite well.


I have no idea what your priorities on the solar system are, but I've plotted out solar systems orbital elements/mass/etc. just for fun (and part of a project I'm working on for the Orbiter sim), so if you want any assistance at all on astrophysics stuff, send me a PM or post here.



Manveru: "Solar System" is the name of the rules engine behind "The Shadow of Yesterday." Orbital masses usually don't apply here...

Eero Tuovinen

An understandable confusion, certainly. And I'll try to fit Clinton's astronomical conspiracy in the setting book.
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Aha!  Right.  Well ...

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