Those guidelines for publishing sorcerer mini-supplements

Started by reason, April 29, 2009, 06:33:01 AM

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Where are they hiding?

Context: I'm presently writing what amounts to a Sorcerer mini-supplement.

So I note that guidelines for being generally polite in the process of rolling out a Sorcerer mini-supplement are referred to at the adept press site, but don't actually seem to exist at the Sorcerer site (which is a lot of 404s for me right now). Can someone point me in the right direction?

Ron Edwards

The site is fucked up and that's why you can't find them.

The guidelines are outdated anyway, and here's how I'd prefer to do it now.

1. You can write a Sorcerer supplement (the "mini" referred to the original vision of them being short, but some of them are pretty long!).

2. Explicitly refer to the Sorcerer rules as your inspiration and do not reproduce the rules themselves. You can write all about any application of them you like; the issue is flat-out reproduction. In other words, referencing the rules explicitly is perfectly all right.

3. Let me know about it. I do claim authority over whether you can do it or not, but I will say here that this has nothing to do with vetting for quality. The only reason I'd forbid it is for potential legal backlash on myself concerning extreme forms of pornography, racism, or similar.

4. I will not edit or treat it as under my creative authority in any way, although I'll read a pre-publication version for comments if you actually want me to. 

5. Publish it and sell it however you like.

6. When and if the site becomes functional again, I'll link to you and even include your Buy button if you want.

All of this is now subject to comments from the unwashed obnoxio-demons who frequent this forum, because I'm happy to be shown a better way or to modify my current thinking based on details I've missed. Speak up. You know who you are.

Best, Ron