[Zombie Cinema] Actual Play

Started by Christoph Boeckle, September 02, 2008, 03:24:36 PM

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Christoph Boeckle

Hi Eero!

Good thing you've your own forum, it'll give me an additional channel to talk about your game!

I like the idea of compounding Actual Play reports like you've done on your website. This thread will let any poster add their own and you can choose to update your site when you feel like it. I invite any other poster to add their own.

These are the ones I wrote up in English:

No Brain, no pain!
This time with vampires
Socially Robust

These in French:
Du plateau dans mon rôle (same session as "No Brain, no pain!")
Lausanne is burning



Hi Christoph,

The second link ("This time with vampires") has the same address as the first.

And as an aside, I hadn't really been interested in Zombie Cinema before reading your AP, but now I really want it...:)

-John B.
John B.

Christoph Boeckle

Hi John

Good catch! Here's the write-up for the vampire session.

Zombie Cinema is a brilliant game. It got me interested in zombie flicks.