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Started by Eero Tuovinen, September 09, 2008, 05:42:51 PM

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Eero Tuovinen

As you already probably know, I'm going to be writing a new edition of the Shadow of Yesterday one of these days. The current schedule is a bit fluid in that I want to get all sorts of smaller projects out of the way before I actually start putting words on paper, but the basic intent is to do the bulk of the writing during the winter months at some point.

One of the preliminary tasks I have to do is to compile and go through a lot of Solar System material that is floating around in the Internet. I'll do that here, and others are welcome to join in and help if they feel like it. Any threads, blog posts, wikis or whatever are fair game as long as they have substantial material concerning Solar System mechanics or the world of Near, or anything else I might find useful as a reference in writing.

I probably won't have time to actually start collecting references this month, but I'll do some as a model. I'll want to have a couple of sentences about each link in description so I can find what I'm looking for later on.
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Eero Tuovinen

Here are some links from the first page of the old CRN forums. The rest of it needs to be examined as well later on, it's a forum full of very relevant stuff. If you want to help out with this link compiling stuff, note how I emphasize the links that I think are especially relevant for my writing project...

Josh's Frozen South
These threads are about Josh's frozen south. I'll want to include them in the new TSoY book, so prime reference stuff.
Dwarves, also crafting.
Goren, especially witches, witchmount.

A thread about goblin ideas; can be taken further.
Some thoughts about Eberron as a Solar System setting; no conclusions.
Birthright in TSoY; no conclusions.
Humanity in Near
Preparing a campaign geography in Near
About starting with stronger characters; a passing reference to marking down future advances on the char sheet needs to be worked out in full.
Josh about Maldorite culture
The notorious BDtP re-entrance thread; need to clarify 3-corner in rewrite.
Gift from the Future; interesting idea.
Stuff about Oran
Dealing with large groups; need to include crunch for this.
A discussion of Necromancy based on Qek shamanism
Conflict invocation procedure with cat'spaws (Ammeni)
Blogging at Game Design is about Structure.
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Eero Tuovinen

OK, some more stuff. I was looking for an adventure I wrote for somebody sometime, so got some more thread-sorting done at the same time. This is the second page from the CRN forums:

Mass combats, will need to hone some solid stuff for the new book.
The Shadow of Mortal Coil, some useful ideas.
Ammenite poison rules, an interesting challenge that needs to be addressed.
About transformation between man-kins, interesting and valuable ideas.
Yesterday's Heresies, I'll need a link to that. The Revenant Cult is worth its weight in broken dreams.
Zu words, Harald made an invaluable list.
The Ancient Zaru Capital, the thread I was looking for this time around.
Shadowrun in TSoY, dense with information.
Commanding NPCs, more about controlling troops.
More Zu...
Social Secrets, useful stuff.
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Publishing Zombie Cinema and Solar System at Arkenstone Publishing.

Eero Tuovinen

Have to find something again, I'll jot down what else I find...

Animatrons, some wild stuff in there; should develop further sometime.
Pyrokinesis and other new weird psychic weirdness as well.
Bonus dice statistical impact, in case I need exact numbers.
Losing your Zu, an interesting idea.
New Heresies, some interesting Zaru cults.
Leadership and sharing abilities, a highly technical discussion.
Secrets vs. Abilities vs. Keys, a technical treatise.
Creating mundanely usable magical equipment, a treatise.
Gift dice mechanics, pretty interesting
Walozi philosophy, some notes.
Wuxia in Solar System, interesting color.
Secretless Three-Corner, very interesting.
Dungeons as characters, useful viewpoint.
Orania, the definitive thread; has to be addressed.
Key Buyoff, some interesting ideas.
Sorcery, a la Sorcerer.
Zu practice, again interesting.
Superheroes in SS, the default resource.
Representing massed opponents; a good question.
Transcendence critique, the definitive thread; some good ideas there.
Troops in conflict; interestingly Clinton in 2005 has some similar ideas to how I'm handling things now.
Knights of the Thrice-Bled Lotus
Astronomy, but the really important part is a quotation by Clinton...
Refreshes, including a fine list of examples.
Getting crippled, the definitive thread.
Converting D&D players, some solid advice.
Converting D&D - interesting.
A closed motivation key system - quite interesting, I'd forgotten that I'd written something like that.
Blogging at Game Design is about Structure.
Publishing Zombie Cinema and Solar System at Arkenstone Publishing.