Are there any Universalis gaming communities online?

Started by EvilCat, November 02, 2008, 04:34:12 PM

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I got to know this wonderful system during an RPG event in my city, but currently I reside in other, smaller town with no RPG community. Suffice to say, I want to keep playing - much. Online playing seems like the only option.
Can you advice me on Universalis gaming community, provide some links, if it's possible? I would much appreciate it. Universalis is addictive.

Also, bringing up the same old topic, I'd like so much to see an Universalis Revised pdf. It's very expensive to order a book to this part of the world, so usually I buy a pdf and print on the spot.

Thanks for a unique gaming experience. Keep it up!

Lord Goon

I live in Oklahoma City, and so am similarly stranded. I just discovered the game a few weeks ago myself, and I'm not yet very sound on the rules, but I can already tell that I'm going to be a fan, so I'm certainly interested in any online thing that's going. Perhaps we could work together?


Nice suggestion. As they say, if you want something - do it yourself. I just finished my job order and ready for hobby projects. Do you have an idea in mind?

Lord Goon

Hey, EvilCat, apologies first for taking so horribly long to get back to your post about this. My life basically blew up for a while at the end of last year (in a benign but annoying way) and all hobbies had to be suspended. I'm still very interested in trying to get together some Universalis players online, though.

If you're still interested, perhaps we could arrange a time to meet on some fairly stable free chatroom service (say Wireclub or Chatzy) to talk about logistics and experiment a bit with the game. Drop me a note if you get this, at any rate.



I'm not allowed to send PM on this forum (probably due to low online rate), so I'll reply here. Yes, I'm still interested %) This month I'm getting my own server, and I'm eager to use it for various projects.

I've never been to Wireclub or Chatzy, but I can visit if you drop the URL. There are also Google chats and ICQ.

Lord Goon

Hey, glad you're still out there!

Having tried both chat services, I strongly prefer wireclub - the interface seems much less gimmicky and it takes less that 2 minutes to be in a position to generate your own room. Here's the link:

I'll bet if we announced an evening meeting on the Forge for sometime later this week, we'd get a few interested parties. We might also want to try posting to this yahoo group:

Whoever runs this publishes a biweekly newsletter listing online RPG events.

I guess we'd perhaps better come up with some ad hoc rules about online play if this is going to fly, though...any thoughts?

Lord Goon

So I seem to have lost my main correspondent on this thread. I'd still very much like to try running Universalis in a chat format, though. Anybody else out there interested at all?


Sorry, I really got sidetracked... But that's because I'm establish a server which should be ready in 1 week. I will reply to this thread when this fuss ends.

Lord Goon

Trevis Martin

Hey guys, I've done a lot of Universalis by Post.

As far as doing it by online chat you might consider using the indie-netgaming IRC channel on the servers.  There is a pretty good dicebot there.

The last Univeralis by Wiki thing we did can still be found here

I personally was kind of interested in trying Universalis using a Tiddlywiki (  maybe on a hosted service like


Wow, thanks for the information! And by the way, our game is looking for more players.