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Started by dindenver, November 20, 2008, 03:54:26 PM

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  So, I am confused if the character sheet should have one Harm Track or 3.
  It seems like there should be one Harm track and the source (V, R or I) is tracked for each point of Harm.
  But, some parts of the rules make me question that assumption.

  I can almost see a character sheet with three Harm tracks, one each for V, R and I.
  That would change the dynamics considerably. For instance, 3 tracks make a character harder to take down. Something tells me this is wrong, but I just wanted to confirm that I am on the right track (pun intended).
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Simon JB

This is how my own harm track looks like. Maybe it helps clarify something. I don't put Xs in boxes or rings, I just mark the correct pool by the harm level in question.

The Swedish words mean "Harm", "Shaken", "Hurt" and "Broken".


Also see the TSOY Wiki:

Take that success level and check off the corresponding box on the harm tracker on your character sheet. If that checkbox is already filled, check the next highest unchecked one. Write down beside the checkbox either "Vigor," "Instinct," or "Reason," depending on the type of harm you took.

The check box part might confuse people (it did confuse me initially), but the part in bold makes it clear that there is no harm track per pool, else it wouldn't be necessary to mark down the type of harm.