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Started by guildofblades, December 30, 2008, 08:44:25 PM

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Ok, so I was reading over the 1 page RPGs and I was thinking as a retailer how cool it could be to offer to sell them. Say $.99 for a RPG that fits onto a single sheet of paper, front and back. Tri-folded they could have a color front and B&W back and as tri folds they can easily be displayed in all sort of racks. Here at the store I have a tall display shelf that has acrylic displays with magnetic backs that hold 5 trifold brochures. I have 5 of those that I could put on that display, so I could totally display 25 of these face out. I imagine any retailed that cared could figure out ways to display these things.

I think they could be healthy for role playing communities as well. Nice simple games that can add variety, be played in single sessions between more serious campaign type play, and be sold as impulse items.

So anyone got some of these 1 pages laying around that could be spruced up a bit? If you have em, we can print and retail them (and wholesale them too, starting around spring time anyways).

Trading card games have booster packs. RPGs can have single page games.....

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Eero Tuovinen

I like this idea. If I didn't have plenty of projects on my plate now, I'd totally start sketching out a series of quality 1-page products. Interesting constraint. Perhaps, if you want to provoke people to create something like this (that is, something with commercial quality, and laid out as tri-folds), you could call for another game design contest.

Such products wouldn't necessarily have to be complete games, either - I could see some mileage in gaming resources such as dungeoneering adventure materials and other widely useful resources.
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Jake Richmond

Sea Dracula ( is a single sheet game. We fold it into 8ths. We produce the game in waves, each wave featuring 10 different cover illustrations. So you can buy an entire wave for the discount price of $8, or a single copy of the game for $1. We've sold a lot. The game is available through the Atarashi Games store and the Un-Store. When we sell it at conventions we just dump a bunch of copies into a basket. That seems to work well. People seem to like it as an impulse buy.

I think I would be interested in some kind of display box. Something similar to what ccg booster packs come in would be cool.
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