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Author Topic: [Zombie Cinema] Animallball podcast reviews the game  (Read 4030 times)
Eero Tuovinen
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« on: January 24, 2009, 01:35:31 PM »

This here: Animalcast podcast Episode 74

I'd never heard of this podcast, and I don't generally listen to podcasts at all, but I liked it! Of course the topic has to do with it, as they discuss my zombie game and really get it. It was really fun to listen to the guys describe the two times they played the game - they really got the rubber to hit the road. The aspects they identify about the game, like the quick set-up and creative pressure caused by the rules were core experiences in the whole design process of the game.

Regardless, the podcast has all sorts of other cool stuff in it as well, and the language is clear enough for me to understand it. I'll clearly have to listen to more of this stuff.

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