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Started by Nathan, February 13, 2009, 02:41:43 PM

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Hey folks,

I noticed that Key20's website is down with a "We are closed." message.

Has anyone heard word on this?

All my emails have been bounced back recently that I've sent on to Jason ( or ( Does anyone have any alternate email addresses for them?


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You might need to go with postal mail on this one.  From the WHOIS entry for, I see this:

Administrative Contact:
    Administrator, Domain
    P.O. Box 832
    Brunswick, OH 44212
    +1.8002770711    Fax: +1.4403568600

Best of luck, and please update us if you learn more.


I did get in contact with Jason Valore of Key20, and he did inform me that Key20 has ceased operations.

Just really a sign of tough times again, I suppose.

If anyone needs to contact him, shoot me a PM, and I'll pass on his email address.
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Ron Edwards


Here's what I know ...

1. Key 20 is now closed down for good. Effectively, it no longer exists. My understanding, or rather what I've heard from involved parties, is that a distributor was able to break their cash flow by withholding payments. I don't attest to that happening, but I do know that this tactic has been practiced in the past.

2. As far as I know, all stock is now in the hands of the publishers, and all funds owed are either in publishers' hands or getting there in installments. I.e., Key 20 made sure that there is no Wizards Attic situation in which the publishers lose their stock and go unpaid.

3. You will probably come across a wide range of rumor-mongering and mudslinging about this. I know practically nothing more than what I posted here and I hope none of you participate in what is sure to be a bunch of
useless posturing.

Best, Ron


Wow.  Good stuff to know, and the end result is unfortunate, no matter how it all played out.  Thanks for extra info, guys.
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