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Started by lachek, March 11, 2009, 09:40:12 AM

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It seems obvious, so perhaps it's already been done, but:


Lore: Ability to empathize with older generations; also, knowledge of history, like world history or family history
Humanity: Independence; Individuality; Self-Expression; Neophilia


Passer: Your mom - no, really
Inconspicuous: Your rich uncle
Possessor: The wisdom of earlier generations
Object: Family heirloom
Parasite: Genetic heritage


Contacting / Summoning: Calling the folks back home; recalling words of wisdom imprinted upon you as a child; rooting through the bank box; soul-searching, self-reflection
Binding: Explicit or implicit contract negotiations; receipt or provision of guilt in various forms

Probably comes off as pretty emo, but it came to mind after the following late-night conversation:

Me: You know, my parents would just give us their home if we asked them to.
Her: Yes, but only at the cost of your soul!