[Solar System] Witchiness and crunch

Started by Paul T, March 27, 2009, 05:30:50 PM

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Paul T

I'm running a Solar System game in a fantasy setting that's not the Shadow of Yesterday. It's much, much closer to Dark Ages/medieval Europe, but with a touch of that weird/strange, twisted color you get in TSoY.

There's definitely no out-and-out magic or supernatural stuff, however.

There's a character who is kind of a voodoo witch--an old, one-eyed woman people come to for advice, well-respected by her people, but belonging to a group of people that are considered to be almost less than human.

She's also got a son (their relationship is a secret), who is kind of a boring administrative type in society at large.

Anyone had some neat ideas for Secrets or Abilities I can use for these NPCs? I'd like them to be creepy and borderline supernatural, but without ever being *provably* so...


Maybe parts of Sydney Freedbergs Religion or James Nostacks Witchcraft ideas are helpful.

Paul T