Cross-referencing in InDesign (split)

Started by Carnifex, April 14, 2009, 12:30:20 PM

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You can make cross-references in InDesign.

Place your marker where you want the reference "target" (or mark the word).

Open the Hyperlinks panel.

Choose "new hyperlink destination" in the panel menu.

Click ok

Place your marker where you want the dynamic page number. Left click and choose: Interactive > Insert cross-reference

Choose your correct text anchor (several to choose between if you've done this several times).

Choose format: "Page number"

Choose type: "Invisible rectangle"

Click ok!



Ron Edwards

The above post was split from Cross-referencing in InDesign from last year.

Everyone, please remember that new threads about older topics are always welcome, but start them as new rather than resurrecting the older threads.

So Claes, you're not being slammed for wanting to share info about the program. Further discussion of InDesign as a publishing tool is very welcome and we can continue it right here.

Best, Ron


Ok... Thanks for the info Ron.

I'd like to add that with the above instructions you can create a dynamic page reference like "See page 43". The page number reference will change if the linked text changes page.


Carnifex, that's true in InDesign CS4, but I don't believe it was true in previous versions.  CS4 is pretty new.

Darcy Burgess


I'd just like to mention that the plugin I found for CS2 (linked to in the old thread) was essentially a macro that did (more or less) what Claes mentioned.

Sort of.
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