Blood Red Sands Beta V3.0 is now available.

Started by Valamir, May 07, 2009, 02:37:47 AM

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A competitive, in your face, testosterone fueled role playing experience in a brutal, over the top, heavy metal world of savagery and dark sorcery.

Download the playtest rules and play aids here

External playtesting is greatly appreciated, but thoughtful commentary is welcome as well.

If you'd like to playtest, but can't commit to a full campaign, let me know and we'll work out a compressed version where you can help.


Have you abandoned Robots and Rapiers, Ralph?




Nope.  I was actually working on R&R when BRS crept up behind me and demanded I write it instead or it would bash my skull in with an axe.  An AXE I tell you.

And since finishing up the latest version of BRS and putting it up on the website and coordinating some external feedback around it, I've actually been taking R&R back to formula and have been working on it pretty hard for the last couple of months.