Re: Buying my games (split - no posting here please)

Started by rafial, July 17, 2009, 12:01:46 AM

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QuoteComing soon: Trollbabe

faints in silent glee

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Ron, while you're talking about websites and old things and such, there were a couple of good Links on the Adept Press Sorcerer page which are now seemingly inaccessible.  I'm thinking in particular of some Forge thread where Mike Holmes or somebody was "scared of my sorcerer" or something, which I was trying to find a while back (and I'm having trouble finding it using the search function here). 

Congratulations on the Trollbabe revision!


OH and it seems like there's another thread about the website so never mind!  Feel free to delete.

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I will assume that you will make some sort of prominent announcement when the new Trollbabe is ready for purchase?
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