asking for a big list of publisher resources

Started by Tyler.Tinsley, July 04, 2009, 05:17:21 PM

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One thing I'm always trying to do is find places to source production and other publisher services. I have really wanted to find some kind of big list of these services to save me time and to hear others experiences with them. Unless there is already one available elsewhere on the net that I'm unaware of I would love for us to make a few pined threads for these purposes. Each thread would would be dedicated to a type of  service a publisher would need and people could post to it making others aware of service providers.

I propose a these threads.

manufacturing and printing services

writing and editing services

artwork and art direction services

layout, design, and file prep services

This way we could have few nice threads that archive all the places we can get stuff done, instead of having to do laborious searches through the scattered posts on this forum.

Eero Tuovinen

Some of the services you mention are time-limited and temporary in nature; for example, printers change with time, going from reliable and cheap to unreliable and expensive, or vice versa. For this reason it's not smart to rely on semi-permanent listing resources as a replacement for per-project research.

Other services are very exceptional and individualized, such as editing and art. Often the best options for your particular project do not advertise publicly, because they are found through your personal contacts.

Aside from these issues, no reason not to list resources. Get to it by all means.
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