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Started by zediekiel, June 22, 2009, 10:55:35 PM

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Recently, I have been going over the basic premise of sorcerer and have come up with a shocking idea for a session.

However I fear that this idea may break the premise of sorcerer in its entirety.

What I want to know is if what follows could be construed as legitimate if tweaked a bit, or if the idea should be put on the recycle table.

The basic premise is as follows: 1st all the player characters are demons, no sorcerers whatsoever, all of them desperatly trying to meet their needs and fulfil their desires without the help of a master

2nd, upon looking at the works of Carl Jung and the idea of a collective unconsious I wanted to make humanity more universal to encompass every human in the city where this is set.

3rd, the PC's would attempt to sway the collective humanity of the city (i.e. preaching to crowds, spreading rumurs or stiring the seeds of their beliefs in a select few which will eventualy blossom into a ful blown cult, etc.)

I was wondering if the idea of a collective humanity acting as a sort of sheep system with only a few outspoken dogs, as well as all demon PC's would be acceptable.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate all comments that may be given.

Ron Edwards

It's a fine idea which has been raised many times since Sorcerer's first version appeared in 1996.

It isn't, however, playing Sorcerer. The rules simply do not work to support demons as player-characters. You'd have to write a new game, which I encourage you to do, even if it's only as an exercise.

Best, Ron