Basic Contain Mechanic Question

Started by jburneko, July 28, 2009, 08:15:39 PM

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In the text it says that you can make a series of Lore vs. Stamina tests while constructing a Contain to generate bonus dice that will eventually add to the Lore vs. Power roll for breaking the Contain.  I know what this looks like fictionally to justify the series but I'm curious as to how to perform the series.  I see two ways of looking at it:

Each roll is independent and the victories after each roll get set aside and accumulate.  So I for roll one I get 1 victory, on roll two and I get 2 victories and on roll three I get 1 victory again so in the end I have 4 dice to add to my Lore when the Contain is challenged.


The roll really is a series in terms of the roll-over mechanic.  So on the first roll I score 1 victory so the next roll I roll Lore + 1 vs. Stamina and get two victories and on the third roll I roll Lore +2 vs. Stamina and I only apply the final victories at the end of the chain to the Contain.  This adds a great deal more risk to the process.


Ron Edwards

Hi Jesse,

It's #2. You're right - more risky.

Given certain (problematic) discussions lately, I'd tentatively say that I was thinking more in terms of the fiction leading. I wanted to provide some iffy-but-possible dice support for someone playing his or her sorcerer being very concerned with getting this Contain just right. As opposed to a dice mechanic that guarantees advantage as long as you put "X" into the fiction.

Best, Ron



Also, fiction-first is exactly how this came up last time.  The player just started describing all this detail about the contain and my brain said, "Hey, I think there's a mechanic for that!  Oh look, there is!"