Seems olde D & D just got "Sorcered"

Started by AXUM, September 16, 2009, 12:35:53 PM

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Hmmm... Interesting new sword & sorcery supplement for 1974's Dungeons & Dragons.

Some of the ideas are superb, IMHO - ripe for the taking!

Sorry if this already has been discussed.


Ron Edwards

I'm always happy to talk about Carcosa. I like it a lot. The previous thread is here: Supplement V: Carcosa (split), which includes the direct link to Geof's site.

Best, Ron


I think it's an awesome book, worthy of being combined with Ron's Sorcerer and Sword supplement for some real kick-butt fantasy gaming.

More discussion of Carcosa can be found at my OD&D Board if you are interested.
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