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Author Topic: [Dogs in the Vineyard] Suggestions for Cult Members  (Read 3859 times)

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« on: November 29, 2009, 01:21:56 PM »

I?m working on my third town for Dogs in the Vineyard?Prairie Hallow, and could use some ideas.

Pride: Goody Lutz, a midwife, is proud of her skill at healing. She has been forcing her remedies and advice upon people who have not requested it.

Injustice: Goody is preventing Arthur Green from giving his ailing wife Ruth the proper healing she needs. Likewise, Dr. Blake is prevented from doing his job.

Sin: Dr. Blake begins speaking out about the Greens and the Hills, saying they are reneging their conversion, and participating in  heathen practices and won't let him do his job.

Demonic Attacks: Demons plague the town, all grow sick. Blake grows ill himself, and is unable to treat the rest of the town.

False Doctrine: Goody goes to the Mountain People for help. She becomes convinced that "Mountain People magic is an equal remedy as Faith."

Corrupt Worship: Goody uses these sacrilegious "magic" rituals to cure some of the townsfolk.

False Priesthood: Seeing the power of Goody's magic, some of the townsfolk accept her dogma and leadership

Sorcery: Goody sets the demons to cure more of the townsfolk, and ail the leader of the Faith.

As you can see, it sort of peters out towards the end there.

Anyway, I could use some suggestions on fellow cult members?three or four town folk who get caught up in Goody Lutz?s ideas and what they want.

Any ideas?
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