[S/Lay w/Me] O'er Plains of Ice the Sky-Ship Sails

Started by Gregor Hutton, February 21, 2010, 10:35:29 AM

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Ron Edwards

Hi Gareth,

I appreciate your clarification of your post. For the record, and as your fellow Forge contributor, I think your implied accusation is misplaced. I also want to stress that as moderator, I think it was perfectly appropriate for you to log it here as a possible observation.

Gregor and I have provided our responses, so perhaps this is the point where the thread should return to its topic as Gregor sees it. Which is to say, everyone else, there's no need to elaborate further on the damage thing. Gareth, if you think that's precipitous of me, let me know by private message and I'll pay attention.

Best, Ron