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S/lay w/Me - where?

Started by Paiku, February 22, 2010, 08:52:40 PM

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Hi Ron,

I paused the Walking Eye interview when you started talking about S/lay w/Me, to go read up on the game.  It looks really interesting, from Gregor Hutton's latest AP thread.  I went looking for an official description of the game, but can't find anything!  I found the page on the Unstore via the Walking Eye podcast page, but there isn't much description there (two short sentences).  I tried searching The Forge, but the term "S/lay w/me" really confuses the search engine.

Is there a main product page for S/lay w/Me anywhere, with some more details?  Or, which threads on The Forge give a good overview of the game?

Many thanks,

Ron Edwards

Hi John,

And here I am with the new Adept Press site almost ready to go live! If it were, then I'd give you one link with beautiful descriptions, an account of how and why I wrote it, and a bunch of play and discussion links.


Anyway, forgive me for not hunting directly due to some time constraints this evening, but it's easy: there are about 10 relevant threads here at the Forge, which you can find by looking at the Playtesting and Actual Play forums - within the first two or three pages in each case, and the subject headings are pretty clear. You can also find a Publishing thread from some time last summer, again, pretty close to the front of that forum and so easily found by scanning the thread titles.

Best, Ron


Thanks Ron, that'll get me started, and doesn't sound too onerous.
Looking forward to the new site.


(later...)  I'm totally intrigued!  Expect my order soon!