The Adept and Sorcerer website has returned!

Started by Ron Edwards, March 04, 2010, 09:54:14 AM

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Ron Edwards


It's here at Adept Press. Mind you, a lot of things are still textually in development, mainly because if I tried to nail it down in full before going live, it'd still be un-alive a year from now.

Stuff to be added includes all those ancient Sorcerer mailing list archives, the long-awaited Seekrit Bigg Mawdel Instrukshin Idea, and a bunch of downloads for every game. I also want to add a whole section about GenCon and the Forge booth.

But all the Trollbabe comics are there! In order!

One thing that would really help would be recommended actual play links for all the games. I'm not shooting for completism (at least not yet) so much as helpful stuff for the site visitor.

Best, Ron


First: hooray for the trollbabe comics! Then: I like the overall style of the site. Very readable and easy to navigate. Thumbs up!

Gregor Hutton

I might have the VB, LC and you videos from Googlevideo. Same for the Sett videos. I'll check my old PowerBook tonight.

Ron Edwards

Cool! Thanks Gregor!

In an earlier thread, Raven posted that he'd preserved just about all of the old site, so I can recover the actual play links and such. But more recent material - say, the past three years - is very greatly welcome.

Also, some of you have probably already tried clicking on the Log-in link at the bottom. That's going to disappear soon. It's only there for my entry into the editing functions.

Best, Ron

Moreno R.

Hi Ron!

The new site AND the Trollbabe comics commentary? How did you know that it's almost my birthday?

About the recent actual play links: it's better to post them in this thread or send them to you by e-mail?

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Ron Edwards

Happy birthday, Moreno!

Let's use this thread for the links. That way people can avoid duplicating effort, and I won't lose anything.

Best, Ron


I do like what you're doing with the "Hi, I'm just some guy on the internet and these are some games I created and stuff" vibe to the site. It reminds me very much of a "90's wahoo design" approach -- back when everyone and their brother was coding HTML pages and just bein' doods with stuff on the web.
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This made me giggle:

QuoteIf you're bent out of shape about something I said or did, let me know so I can include you (or rather whatever it was) here.


Yes.  I love the Trouble section.

Also, thanks for the link to my muddled Sorcerer Unbound ramblings.


Ron Edwards

Thanks everyone. Raven, that's totally what I wanted: screw all the conventions of what a website's text should say and what it's for - you come to this site, you're merely talking to me, and I deliberately wrote a lot of what you're seeing right out of my own mouth, exactly like I'd say it to someone in person. I plan to do that for a lot of the site, and with any luck, given some of the slightly (but I hope not vain) personal stuff, a visitor will get a strong idea of who I am.

I definitely want to do a whole section on the GenCon booth history (linking to that Fair Game thread), and I'll put my Naked Went the Gamer up soon too as a major feature, with an Old School Renaissance feature page. Obviously some of those guys are mad at me, but that won't stop me from helping people find them and the stuff they're up to.

No one found the Wolverine video yet? "These fuckin' things can cut through aaaaaanything!"

Oh, and the Na'vi people - I swear to God I can't tell whether it's a horrible, horrible reality, or an exceptionally well-done satire. And also, especially if it's the former, what I cannot help but wonder is, do they paint themselves all over, under their clothes? Awful imaginings run through my head, visualizing them naked, and although that would be just peachy at 3:24 or so ... I'm talking about all of them, through the whole thing.

Best, Ron

Moreno R.

Very nice link to the people LARPing in blue, but they didn't study the source material: smurfs have only ONE female, and she's blonde...

These are the recent actual play Sorcerer links I have in my bookmarks:
[Sorcerer] The Brotherhood
Carnival Bizarre:
[Sorcerer] Cascadiapunk
(the link is to the last of four threads. in the first post there are the links to the first 3)

They are list from the most successful, to the less successful (to a failed game).  I have put the failed ones in my bookmarks because they are full of useful advices and warnings

These are less detailed:
[Sorcerer] More Evil Is More Morally Taxing?
[Sorcerer] Berkeley 1968
[Sorcerer] The Live Tattoo
[Sorcerer] The Cold and Bloody Northland

Then there is Christopher Kubasik's sorcerer/traveller mix:

These are not actual play, but thread I considered useful, I don't know if you need these, too, but just in case...
Very very very powerful demons (and how to keep them)
[Sorcerer] questions about stakes
[Sorcerer] Orthogonal & Oppositional Conflicts.
[Sorcerer] Roleplaying bonus dice.
[&Sword] Trading Victories Question (split)
Good discussion about NaN (split)
Extended conflict resolution vs. combat resolution
[Sorcerer] GM stumbling blocks
Why no "revised" Sorcerer?


(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

Eero Tuovinen

I like the site, it matches a lot of my own opinions on how websites should be built. This is not exactly a surprise, considering how much Ron's influenced my opinions on Internet communication in general. It's also made with Wordpress, which I like ;)

Am I missing it, or does the site not have a contact information page? That's something people tend to look for, you could put some instructions there for the sort of things you want to be contacted about, and how.
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Gregor Hutton

OK, I do have all 224 MB of the GenCon seminars downloaded to my laptop, but you can also get them from this link on Google video:
Do-It-Yourself Game Designer Seminars: Ron and Vincent (in 7 parts).

No luck so far on the Berlin interview, though.


Other Sorcerer discussions:

How do you play it?
Framing Scenes & NPCs
Clicking Sands AP
Afterglow setting

And of course the Art Deco threads, and the Modern Necromancy and Azk'Arn threads.  Judd's Dictionary of Mu threads.

There was the all-time greatest Trollbabe AP thread, which was in like early 2006, and started maybe by Brand? about playing a setting-hacked Trollbabe with his younger brother.