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Started by Meme, May 18, 2010, 07:17:37 PM

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Ron Edwards

All those are good paraphrases although I suggest changing the proper names. The phrase "where the king is not the king" is brilliant.

I tried to be original with my locations in the book, at least in terms of referencing specific literary or gaming locations. I make no claim that the ideas are original in the less specific sense. My take is that there's something more satisfying about doing it my way, rather than adapting literary sources, but that may be an individual issue of no importance to anyone else.

Best, Ron


Thank you Ron.

Maybe I can made them The Silver Tower, where a god lies in chains (sorry, lapsus between good and god) and The ancient stronghold, where the king is not the king.

It's just that I'm a long time Conan fan, and he's so "S/Lay W/me" that I cannot stop to think about the similitude between the game and the novels.
When I first played the game, for examples, I was all: "Wonderful, this is so like 'Jewels of Gwhalur'. That novel is basically a session of this game!". Only after a couple of games I read the sources of inspiration ;-)
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