"Play Sorcerer" and Boot Camp

Started by Finarvyn, June 21, 2010, 03:04:29 AM

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My understanding is that older threads (such as this one) are not to be revived, but instead a new thread should be started.

So ... it's been nearly a year since our last update about "Play Sorcerer" (unless I somehow missed a thread) and I don't think we ever got updated about how the Boot Camp went at GenCon last year.

As GenCon is starting to approach again this year, I got thinking about these projects and wondered how they were progressing.
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I haven't learned much about the latest progress. I do know that Christopher often has time-intensive projects spring upon him, professionally, and when that happens he doesn't have much room, if any, to work on stuff like Play Sorcerer.

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Up until late January his blog was fairly active

I'm sure he'll fill us in when he gets some space.

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Quote from: Karl on June 21, 2010, 09:57:54 PM
Up until late January his blog was fairly active

I'm sure he'll fill us in when he gets some space.

I hope to hear how the Origins boot camp goes because I will be running something like it at FanPro Expo in Toronto in August.  Here is the event as it is listed so far:

QuoteSorcerer is a story-focused RPG of metaphysical transgression and its consequences for your humanity. It features a procedure for creating setting and characters simultaneously. Players unleash their sorcerers on this setting and the GM confronts the players with the consequences of their character's pacts with reality-bending demons. The first session will be dedicated to setting up a "one-sheet" or concise description of a setting's premises and limits, along with players' sorcerers and their demons. The second will be letting these characters lose in a world of steam-tech gone mad. The GM's influences for this game are O'Neil & Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the City o' Gloom from Deadlands, and The Difference Engine.

Christopher Kubasik

Hi all!

I now have too many pages and am whittling the book down into something useful. (I think I've made too many digressions stories from other media as examples, and am trying to curtail that.)

The book has never stopped completely, but, as Ron suggested, it's been a battle between getting this book finished, and deadlines on scripts and production for other projects. There's a whole career that I'm on the cusp of, and I have to respect that as well.

I've been staying off the boards so my RPG writing time is devoted to the book and not other words.

I am terribly sorry about the length of time the project has taken. This wasn't my plan at all. Thanks for your patience on a project I care very much about.

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