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Author Topic: [DitV] Second Town - Little Cainan  (Read 4327 times)

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« on: July 02, 2010, 01:19:41 AM »

Just finished our second town. It went well, although I was tired during the first half of the session and the game drifted for a bit. I had trouble getting my bearings because the town doesn't go to Hate and Murder and it's issues are meant to be hard to judge and solve. I learned it's very important to focus on the "What the People Want" section of town creation during play in such a town, making NPCs focused on what they want.


Something’s Wrong
Brother Abram and Sister Miriam are not sharing a bed.  A few months ago Sister Miriam admitted that she and Brother Barak had ended a short affair. The children have noticed their parents are fighting and they’ve started acting out. Little Seth was caught smoking behind the shed and his older sister, Mercy, is flirting in a most unseemly way.

Brother Abram can not forgive Miriam and is neglecting his duty as man and wife, and his stewardship over their family.

Seth and Mercy pay the price for their mother’s infidelity and their father’s pride.




Demonic Attacks
Domestic squabbles. Dry Rot. Termites.

False Doctrine
Stewart Cleophas believes that his authority ends at the threshold of the family home.

What do the Townspeople Want from the Dogs?

Brother Abram – Wants the Dogs to proclaim his pride and jealous anger as righteous in the eyes of the King. He wants Miriam shamed into her proper place as a wife and mother. He wants Barak rebuked

Sister Miriam – Wants the Dogs to convince Abram to forgive her for her transgressions and accept responsibility for his emotional distance. She wants him to treat her with love and respect.

(9) – wants things put right at home. He wants Mercy punished for flirting with the boys, including Abimelech.

Mercy (13) – Wants to marry Abimelech to escape the silence of her home. She wants the Dogs to tell Seth that smoking is evil.

Abimelech (15) – Wants to marry Mercy to get out from under his father’s rule. He does not want to go to Bridal Falls.

Brother Paul, Abimelech’s father – Wants the Dogs to recommend Abimilech be sent to Bridal Falls. He wants Miriam and Barak punished. He wants the Dogs to see Cleophas is a weak Steward.

Sister Beatrice, Abimelech’s mother – Wants the Dogs to keep Abimelech at home, but away from Mercy. She wants Mercy to repent for her flirtations and seductive ways. She wants her husband Paul to be steward.

Brother Barak – Wants the Dogs to forgive his adultery and make him steward. He believes he could do a much better job than Cleophas. He wants his marriage annulled and to marry Miriam.

Sister Tabatha – Wants her marriage to Barak annulled. She wants to marry Cleophas.

Steward Cleophas – Wants the Dogs to approve of his service and move on quickly so things can get back to normal. He wants peace between Abram and Miriam. He wants Seth and Mercy to stop acting out. He wants Beatrice to learn to mind her tongue and Barak to learn some humility.

What do the Demons Want?

The demons want to destroy the foundations of the town by destroying the relationships that bind the families together.

What do the Demons Hope that the Dogs Do?

The demons want the Dogs to allow things to fester at home between Abram and Miriam so that their influence continues to grow with the two children and the rest of the Town.

What Would Happen if the Dogs Didn’t Come?

The families’ marriages would come apart. Demonic attacks would increase and squabbles would erupt into violence. A sorcerer would emerge. Mass hysteria.

James R.
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