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Started by Dietro, June 27, 2010, 12:05:34 AM

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Because I'm very much used to cards (in Collectible Card Games and Board Games), as opposed to paper, I was in the middle of making a card-based RPG system. I've been using CCG sorting softwar to make sheets so that a machine can print and cut them but when I run into problems is Photoshop.

I have many layers to represent templates of each card type, (Heroes, items, backstory, ect...) and various variables, that combine to make 40+ layers and  putting cards from paper to the card the amount of layers is taxing and makes Photoshop run very slowly.

Is there any software where I can easily input card templates with fields of text and symbols? I've been looking at CCG editors but nothing I found lets me put in my own templates and input fields of data wherever I want. converting text into symbols is definitely a plus.   


If I'm reading this right, it sounds like you have all of the templates in one file.  Now, you can try merging some of the layers down in a duplicate file just for inputing but I think the best solution for you is to split the templates up into multiple files.  One for Heroes, one for items, etc.

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If your using Photoshop its beast to use one card per saved document.  You can always have one photoshop document with the template and make new ones for new cards your working on.
   When you are ready to put together a few cards into one document for printing prepossess, merge or flatten the card before you copy/past or import it from its home document  (gets ride of all the layers and shortens the size, but you cant change it after that).  ALWAYS keep a psd. document (photo shop document) saved so you can go back and make changes if you need to!
   If you have INdesign you can import photoshop documents into it.  Indesign Is much more user friendly for printing.  And if you make changes to your photoshop document you can update the Indesign document instantly by checking the "links" panel.

   Jpgs are only good for small space and on screen viewing.  Any time you alter a Jpg. you will change it.  Tiff files are grate for print and will retain their transparence if you check the transparence box when saving it.

I hope this helps you if you have any photo shop questions please drop me a e-mail.  I work with photoshop at least 20 hours a week and Indesign about 30.

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