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Author Topic: [DitV] A first attempt at a town  (Read 5050 times)

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« on: July 23, 2010, 04:52:27 PM »

So I came up with this idea for a town... let me know what you think, and what can be improved. I took a couple ideas from already written towns that I thought were interesting.

River Crossing Branch

Setting: River Crossing is a small mill town located on a river. The milling industry is quite lucrative, and one man holds control of the business, and most of the townspeople.

Trouble: (I will refer to people as caps letters, since I have no names yet)
On the way into town, the Dogs encounter two teenagers fornicating off the side of the road, in some brush.

A. Owner of the mill. He has two wives, and wants a 3rd, namely the young girl that the Dogs encounter on the way into town. The steward has approved the marriage, but it hasn't happened yet. He knows of a relationship she has with a young man, and wants to kill him to take him out of the picture.

B. Young man in love with the 'fiancee' of A. He is so in love with her, he is thinking of killing A so that he can have her for himself.

C. Young woman 'engaged' to A. but in love with B.

D. 2nd wife of A., has fallen ill due to demonic possession. She is of the Mountain People, but converted when she was younger.

E. Steward, he is being influenced by demons and agrees with A. that C. should marry him. He also is being influenced to believe that D.s illness is being caused by a curse of the Mountain People for her conversion.

F. The Steward's son, agrees with E. that the Mountain People are a threat, and also wants to be rid of them.

G. A.s employees, 6 men that work in the mill. They are loyal to A. and will do what he asks. They are also being influenced by A.s relationship with demons.

A. Believes he has a right to the young girl as his 3rd wife.
E. Believes he is right in his judgment of both A.s right and of the Mountain People's culpability in D.s sickness.

C. Is being forced to marry A.
D. Is being possessed because of A.
E. and F. want to kill Mountain People

Apostasy- A. worships polygamy (the idea of having a young, beautiful 3rd wife) E. worships the wealth/ standing of A.
Deceit- B. and C. are hiding their relationship, although most know, including A.
Sex- B. and C. are fornicating
Disunity- A. wants to kill B., B. wants to kill A.

Demonic Attacks-
Demons are attacking D. because of A.s actions/ desires. Demons are blinding both A. and E. to the situation, and are driving B. to murder A.

False Doctrine- 
A. Polygamy is my right
E. The Mountain People are the enemy of the faithful

False Priesthood-
A. has followers and supporters in his 1st wife, the steward, and his employees. He holds alot of sway due to his wealth.

A. doesn't know it, but he is causing his 2nd wife to be attacked/ possessed, and exercises demonic influence to charm his followers.

What the demons want-

People to start killing each other!

If the Dogs never came-

This town is a powder keg and it is likely that it will explode soon.

Some other ideas:
Have C. be pregnant with B.s child.
Have A. order his men to kill B. in the night, after the Dogs arrive in town.

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« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2010, 05:07:32 PM »

Oh, and I forgot:

What the people want:
A. Wants the Dogs to marry him to C. and punish B.
B. Wants the Dogs to side with him, and marry him to C.
C. Wants the Dogs to marry her to B.
E. Wants the Dogs to enforce his judgment, marry A. to C. and attack the Mountain People to end the curse of D.

Also, D. is the sister of E. which is why he so strongly wants to end the curse and take revenge on the Mountain People.
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