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Started by Finarvyn, August 30, 2010, 09:43:54 PM

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Quote from: Ron Edwards on September 08, 2010, 12:54:11 PMI at least am getting a little confused about the discussion - is it about Adept Press supplements authored be me, like the existing three, or about supplemental material written and published by others?

At present, I have no plans for writing another. A couple of ideas have occurred to me, but since writing a Sorcerer supplement is kind of a life-changing event, I don't have the energy or desire to detract from other stuff I'm doing.
Since I started the thread, I guess a lot of this would be my fault. I was thinking about the never completed Sorcerer and Space and thinking "boy, I wish I had that" and this got me wondering what other topics could be covered in a Sorcerer supplement.

I know that you've moved on to other projects and have stated on several occasions that you have no interest in doing another supplement, but I thought that if some ideas got tossed around then maybe someone would say "what a great idea -- maybe I'll write this!"

If not a full supplement, maybe a mini-supplement. I have the original six mini-supplement PDFs as well as Dictionary of Mu and everything else for Sorcerer that I can find, but I'm always looking for more ideas and books to read that might stir the creative pot and give me ideas for my own game sessions.

Thinking in author mode I can see when you have decided that a game is complete, but as a consumer I'm always shopping for a little bit more. :-)
Marv (Finarvyn)
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Ron Edwards

Hi Marv,

I'd love to see as much discussion about potential non-Adept Sorcerer supplemental material as possible. It seemed to me as if your and others' posts were grading into the constraints and purposes of my supplements, as standards, which confused things. I definitely do not want to shut down or devalue your purposes for the thread - by all means, let's talk about non-Adept Sorcerer publishing and what might be done. But there's no reason to apply my standards for my supplements, which as I see it, are simply a different animal.

Best, Ron


Hey, Ron -

Part of the problem is actually that you have set very high standards for Sorcerer. Each supplement has a clear purpose and isn't just a sourcebook. I think perhaps that's part of why folks are hesitant to present their materials, since they would be compared to what you've done already. (I presume that lots of people play Sorcerer but only a few write up their notes into a useable format.)

As for me, I don't feel like I've mastered Sorcerer yet, which is why I'd like to see more products to look at but haven't shown much that I've done.

- Marv
Marv (Finarvyn)
Sorcerer * Dresden Files RPG * Amber Diceless
Forge Member since 2004
OD&D Player since 1975

Bret Gillan

There's this game I've been daydreaming of for awhile about people who have superhuman powers that are focused in masks that are passed down from generation to generation, and as the mask changes hands it grows in power but also become more difficult for the wearer to bear growing more of a personality of its own.

So I'm beginning to think it would make a good Sorcerer setting rather than its own game, with the mask-bearers being sorcerers, and maybe it would be a cool supplement. Once I finish The Final Girl I might get to work on it.


I had to come out of lurk mode and register to say "thank you" for Mud Planet. I am finding it immensely useful in understanding how Sorcerer can be applied to other settings.

Dan Holdgreiwe

Quote from: Frank Tarcikowski on September 04, 2010, 10:33:09 AM
Hey, this reminded me of my almost-Ronnie-award-winning game Mud Planet, which still exists as an alpha version of a mini-supplement. I guess it would qualify as Swords & Planet. If you like to, check it out:

Mud Planet / Sorcerer Alpha

I ran one playtest in 2008 which looked promising, but somehow ended up not developing it further. The playtest report can be found here. If you fancy to give it a try, I'd sure be delighted to read about it! :-)

- Frank