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Author Topic: [Freemarket] X-Altar and the Arts of Memory and of Promotion  (Read 29920 times)
Erik Weissengruber

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Designing "In this Sign, Conquer:

« Reply #30 on: September 12, 2010, 06:54:23 AM »

Continuing to Thin-Slice this AP

1) Bug Chips are NOT Bennies
WRONG: I said that players can pass these around bug chips to help
CORRECTION: If players gain some in-fiction help from and NPC they get 1 bug chip to represent the help

2) Support does NOT add more "Go For It" actions
WRONG: I said you could switch from a series of Go For Its based on your initial choice of Geneline or Experience and then switch to the other and thereby extend your contest..
CORRECTION: You pick one method of Going For It at the start.  Let's say Geneline.  Now, if a whole lotta Experience shows up, you will want to try a Support action to make those cards count.  But you do NOT re-open a series of Go For Its.  Support makes previously useless cards count.  But it doesn't get you more cards.

I like the mission patch.
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