Putting Games to Faces

Started by lumpley, September 13, 2010, 10:05:38 AM

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Games to names, really.

In this thread, please say your name, say the title or working title of your game, say a quick sentence or two about your game, and link to your thread.

I'll start!

My name's Vincent.

My game's called Membrane. It's a Cronenberg-esque urban horror game. I'm using a secret weapon that will either (a) make me win the contest like crazy, (b) get me good and disqualified, or (c) make it impossible for me to actually finish. We'll find out!

My thread's here, but I don't expect to do much development in it:

You're next!


My name's B4GD.

My game is called Society: The Advising. It is a game about exploring the central components of society. My goal was to create a pedagogical tool that allows for debate about political topics while controlling for certain things people do not have control over (education level, the issues associated with income levels, etc). All of this in a fairy-tale like preparation for the appearance of the chosen one.

My thread is: http://www.indie-rpgs.com/forge/index.php?topic=30342.0

il mietitore

My name's Alex.

My game is called Brachininae. It is a game where players have to find out what drives their characters to risk all they've got in a mission where almost certainly they're going to die. There are also killer robots, so i'm almost sure to already have the victory in my hands U_u

Here is the thread: http://www.indie-rpgs.com/forge/index.php?topic=30323.0
My games:
- Mortal Kombat (Beta)
- Noses (Beta)
- Brachininae (in construction)
- others

Bryan Hansel

I'm Bryan.

My game is Burial at Crossroads. It's about finishing a job that, hopefully, will bring a second chance. I'm shooting for a western, techy, sci-fi, magical realism feel. I'm juggling the themes of imperialism, civilization vs. savagery, the process of modernization, the conquest of freedom and individualism and law and order restored through violence. The experience of the themes will redeem or kill the characters. It's written in a script that hypnotizes judges into falling in love with it.

Burial at Crossroads


Hi there, I'm Renee.

My game is Maddenhafen.  It's a low fantasy game about the siege of the city of Maddenhafen, and what happens when certain besiegers start to question whether their enemy is as monstrous as they've been lead to believe.  It shamelessly rips off a bunch of mechanical and color elements from Warhammer, making it kind of a Fantasy Heartbreaker.

Are Fantasy Heartbreakers still a thing around here?  :-)


Ben Lehman

My name's Ben.

My game doesn't have a name yet. It's a game about enchanting, beautiful characters (implied: mostly but not entirely women) who have intense, magical adventures which they mostly resolve through their enticingness. Think, like, half the stories in 1001 nights, or all the "magical wife" stories in Chinese mythology.

It has classes and levels and shit.

Grahame Mulliss

Hi, I'm Grahame

My game is called "Vegas baby, Yeah!" It's a game about excess and it's consequences set in Sin City, Nevada.

So far, thats it.

When I get some more set down I'll open a thread for feedback.

Frank Tarcikowski

Heya, I'm Frank. My as yet unnamed game is about what happened after Columbus arrived at the literal edge of the world (much to his own surprise!) Thread's here: http://www.indie-rpgs.com/forge/index.php?topic=30322.0
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Jay Loomis

Hi, my name's Jay.

My game started out as One Way Ticket, but that's changing because the ticket aspect is going away. I think it's going to morph into Null, or Null Terminate, or something like that.

It's a game about the dregs of society looking to hook into a land of opportunity and discovering their humanity along the way. Oh, and it's sci-fi. So, you know, pew-pew and whatnot.

Here's the link!


Hi. Pat here. My game is 'Walking the Edge,' a post-apocalyptic fantasy game where the characters must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice to defend thier home.

Eoin Keith Boyle

EKB = Eoin Keith Boyle.

Game title is still in progress, but likely it'll have some pomo barf subtitle like "Adventures in the City-as-Simulacrum"

Speaking of which, I've a thread to start. Good to see familiar faces here, as well as a number of new ones. Have fun!


Hi! My name is Peter.

My game (working title: Universe) is set on a generation ship. Huge, old, and the only thing your ancestors have known for many generations. It's big enough that distinct cultures have emerged in different areas of the ship. People in sectors 376-409 live in a military dictatorship, which the monks of the lower levels must pass through on their yearly pilgrimage. That sort of thing.

It is mainly concerned with cultural values, and the different ways people can use social pressure to get what they want. The resolution mechanic is going to be some sort of Otherkind or AW hack.


Blargh, there ought to be a way to edit posts here. Here's the link to the thread for my generation ship game:




My name is Michael and I'm an alcoholic a game designer.

My game is called Walkabout. It's an epic foray across a shattered and spiritually ravaged landscape. Somewhere between the post apocalyptic turmoil of Mad Max and Tank Girl, and the spiritual chaos of Hellblazer (except that the metaphysical imbalance in the world has caused the spirit wars to become all too apparent). That's the current version of the setting...but a lot can change in the course of a week.

It is a story of neo-shamans drawing on the spirituality of the Aboriginal people of Australia and fusing it to their own systems of belief or their own interpretations of reality. With their rituals and knowledge, they stride the world to restore a balance that was lost in the hope that a new peaceful age can dawn.
A.K.A. Michael Wenman
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My name is Shane Mclean, and I'm new here.

My game is called "Not One Backward Step", taken from Stalin's famous order concerning the holding of the city of Stalingrad. The game is about Soviet deserters fleeing the horrors of the conflict in Stalingrad, forced to constantly choose between humanity and violence in the fight against war. It uses a card-based resolution mechanic, and is very much focussed on theme and feel over historical accuracy.

The link to the work so far is:

I look forward to getting to know people here over the course of the contest.