Ron Edwards Vs Tobias Wrigstad at InterNosCon 2010!

Started by Moreno R., August 28, 2010, 01:55:14 AM

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Moreno R.


I already posted these links in other forums, but I waited before posting them at the Forge because I didn't know where to post them, in what sub-forum. I even asked if I should post them in the Convention forum (because they are from an Italian convention), in the Endeavor forum, or in the Adept Press forum. But none of these felt really "right".

The it came up to me, the right forum: this is about Actual Play.  Talking and discussing about actual play.


At InternNosCon 2010. May 7-9, 2010, in Lido di Classe, Ravenna (Italy) the Official International Guests were Ron Edwards and Tobias Wrigstad of Vi åker jeep. A meeting/conference/question&answer session with the public was organized and filmed, and now, at last, the work of putting it all online is finished!

The conference is in English, with Claudia Cangini of Narrattiva translating from and to Italian for the not-english speaking public.

It's almost two hours of two very different rpg worlds colliding! See the clash of titans!

The links:
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 01 di 13 8' 33"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 02 di 13 9' 58"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 03 di 13 9' 43"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 04 di 13 7' 35"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 05 di 13 9' 01"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 06 di 13 8' 45"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 07 di 13 9' 39"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 08 di 13 9' 25" (this one at the beginning show "9 su 10" instead di "8 su 13", it's an error)
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 09 di 13 9' 30"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 10 di 13 8' 37"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 11 di 13 9' 57"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 12 di 13 8' 52"
InterNosCon 2010 - Ron Edwards (USA) & Tobias Wrigstad (Sweden), 13 di 13 6' 16"

For a total of 115' 51" (almost two hours!)

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)


Raffaele Manzo, or "Rafu" for short. From (and in) Italy. Here's where I blog about games (English posts). Here's where I micro-blog about everything.

Ron Edwards

Disclosure & clarity: in our emails to one another and to Claudia prior to the event, Tobias and I immediately discarded the notion of "debate." We did not have opposing positions we sought to defend or attack, nor did we conceive of the event as including victory or loss. It was a chance to talk with one another and with the audience in a public venue, about stuff we thought was important.

Best, Ron

Callan S.

I don't know if it helps to say, but in terms of inventing the's like people have a blank canvas but they insist it is not. Indeed they gesture to show where it's not blank, but in the very same gesture leave a big mark across it. "But you did that" "Hardly! It's part of this!!" *big gesture, another streak*

I think people, by default habit, tend to associate their cognitive reaction to ink on dead tree as being a property of that dead tree and ink. This author says it better. Anyway, he talks about novels and such, but the principle still applies.
QuoteHere's an interesting theoretical cartoon for consideration. We have a physical object before us, one that encodes a semantic object. The tendency is to attribute the clarity and stability of the former to the latter, to conflate the semantic content with the material vehicle–to weld our experience of reading to the thing we hold in our hands. Let's call this the Illusion of Semantic Objectivity. We seem to have a hardwired tendency to think of our reading experience as a kind of thing, and to use the logic of things to structure our subsequent reasoning about books and readings.

This sort of retards game development where people get a reaction to play by a certain procedure, when textually that procedure just isn't there. They don't write it down since it's 'already written down'.

That said, and I haven't zoomed ahead in the videos, what's refered to with this 'invention baseline of the hobby'? Continual invention as a baseline doesn't sound good? Maybe it sounds counter intuitive to say that, but I wont yamma on and on on what I mean cause I don't understand what's being refered to yet?

Daniel B

Funny, but I pictured Ron as a grizzled old guy with a gray beard and a head of thick, white hair. Like someone you might find walking out of an Arctic tundra, having lived there for 20 years living by nothing but his wits.
Arthur: "It's times like these that make me wish I'd listened to what my mother told me when I was little."
Ford: "Why? What did she tell you?"
Arthur: "I don't know. I didn't listen."

Ron Edwards

That's why I put a picture of myself front and center at the Adept site ... just another fuckin' gamer, as it turns out.

How times change ... Ten years ago, people said they'd imagined me as tall and forbidding with a jet black widow's peak and spade beard.

Best, Ron


During the heyday of the Forge, he was imagined to be a handsome academic playboy who went everywhere in a silk bathrobe surrounded by nubile gamer girls. There was talk of soapy bubble-baths and hot tubs.

Having actually met Ron, I can tell you I was sorely disappointed about the lack of nubile gamer girls.
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