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Started by Thor, September 15, 2010, 02:04:49 PM

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Not a good time, not the game I should be working on, yadda yadda.....

TBoAN is a Western Set on the Mars of Edger Rice Burroughs and recapitulating the twelve battles of King Arthur against the Saxons as related by Nennius.

Three things I want for the game:
1. I want a game which skips back and fourth between tabletop tactical battle and role playing of characters who will be in those battles.
2. I want to work with Oracle style games in a longer (campign style) format.
3. I want to try and change my thinking back to a game with a clearly defined GM albeit one with a pro character stance.

The format of the game is going to start with character creation and some intro scenes to establish characters and issue, then the Merlin(GM) will consult the oracle, end of first session. Then the Merlin goes home and thinks about the images from the oracle and the players/characters and comes up with a number of cool things she wants to bring intothe game. these are not fully fleshed out but just a number of things that could happen and writes them on cards.

In the second session, the players begin the quest the Merlin has sent them on. The company moves around trying to find the item or location that the Merlin hinted at. At various times the Merlin draws an encounter from the deck of things that happen and the difficulty of the encounter is generated mechanically based on the make up of the company and the encounters position in the adventure. some folderall happens and the players move forward in their quest. At the end of the quest there is a bigger encounter which determines the outcome of the quest and the members of the company are awarded points for their efforts.

After the quest there is a tabletop battle against one of the threatening forces. It is a table top game where the characters are in some of the formations and add to the abilities of that unit in the battle.

Providing the company is victorius the merlin consults the oracle and there is another quest leading to another battle .  The characters will have a final addendum to their stories and the game is over.

After the twelth battle the campaign is over and presumably there is a Pax Arthuianis on Mars lasting for generations.

I just wanted to get this down while I was thinking about it and will get back soon with the next set of thoughts.

Any questions?
Yes, The Thor from Toledo

Jason Morningstar

Oh man, no questions but I read this as "The twelve battles of Alfred Nobel", and that sounded pretty crazy.


Yes, The Thor from Toledo