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Started by Seth M. Drebitko, October 11, 2010, 08:31:55 PM

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Seth M. Drebitko

Hello I know some of you folks are technically inclined and was wondering if anyone knows much about wikis. I am looking to have a platform that I can restrict viewing/editing access to a select group of users.

The idea is that I want to create a nice zine but offer subscribers a private wiki that compiles the whole line into a super simple to navigate web format.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Advice?
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Adam Dray

Wikidot offers wiki hosting, or you can host your own and run MediaWiki or something else. They have an "all or nothing" security model. You can restrict who has access to your wiki site, but not individual pages. Finding wiki software that has per-page security access will be tricky. MediaWiki (which runs Wikipedia and others) does not have per-page security, but there is an extension called AccessControl that a friend of mine has modified (and offered changes back to the creator) to offer 95%-secure per-page security. If you can live with security holes like bits in the All Pages and Deletion Log lists, it will suffice.

For what you're doing, you might consider WordPress. You can customize its look and feel. You can set up user accounts for subscribers. You should be able to restrict certain pages to subscribers. They can edit using WordPress's excellent wysiwyg editing tool. Linking pages is slightly more difficult than wiki makes it.
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