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A Sorcerer PSA

Started by lumpley, September 28, 2010, 01:00:02 PM

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Hm. What squirrel?



You've done the possible -- suggested a loose adaptation of the Twilight series that wouldn't suck eggs.

Paul Czege

I do not need another project. I am not working on this.

"[My Life with Master] is anything but a safe game to have designed. It has balls, and then some. It is as bold, as fresh, and as incisive  now as it was when it came out." -- Gregor Hutton


Quotelike, Angelina and Caleb make out for 8 minutes and then suddenly break off, and dude I know what it's like to make out with someone for 8 minutes and then suddenly break off. It leaves Caleb panting.

(8 minutes is a clue.)

QuoteHm. What squirrel?

8 minutes would be the duration of the possessor demon's shapeshift ability.  This implies that the sorceress wanted to look extra hot for Caleb, and, in the best Cinderella tradition, fled the scene when the power was wearing off.  At which point the demon, exhausted, demands its need for raw meat.  (I'm assuming that Angelina snacked on the local wildlife, or I suppose pets, rather than Caleb.)


Yes! It was just a quick-seared burger, but yes. I'm with you now.

Here's the identity punch to Angelina wanting to be extra hot for Caleb: Caleb's gay.


Quote from: lumpley on October 07, 2010, 10:42:29 AM
Here's the identity punch to Angelina wanting to be extra hot for Caleb: Caleb's gay.

Well, either that or a fun fantasy come true.  There's a reason slash fiction, yaoi comics, and gay vampires and heavy homo-erotic stuff is really popular with women.

The identity punch will be if she starts finding that's her preferred or only way of arousal.


Simon C

I think it's really fascinating how sex plays out in games, especially when it's, as you say, distant and removed, a possibility but not an immediate possibility. It reminds me of Ron's post about Bachannal and the slow-build. It also reminds me of Bliss Stage, where the rules have a similar effect of putting sex firmly on the table, but kinda at the back, behind the mashed potatoes and the gravy. When sex happened in our game, it was really visceral because it was anything but casual.

We had a sex scene in our Apocalypse World game the other night that was intensely intimate and, well, sexy. That Brainer sex move is so fucked up and powerful. It turned this woman who was going to be just a stepping-stone to power into a vulnerable, lovable human being.

I guess I don't have any coherant thoughts other than gestures and mumbling.

Ron Edwards

That was an awesome post.

At the Dice Dojo, there's an Apocalypse World game running there every week, and every so often, I wander often and asked, "Anyone get fucked yet?" So far not, but then again, I didn't ask last week. Next time lucky.

Best, Ron

Simon C

There was a palpable change in mood for the whole game as soon as one character had "on-screen" sex. Very interesting.

It's something I'm looking forward to exploring in the game I'm writing at the moment, "Dungeonfuckers", which is kind of early Cronenberg via Basic D&D.