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Started by Aetius, November 30, 2010, 08:55:01 AM

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Hi to all.

I'm going to play some Trollbabe at a con near Milan. I would like to draw a new map of the world for my games... just because I enjoy map-drawing a lot and I like a map a little bigger and richer in details than that on the italian edition of the game.

So... any tip? How a good Troolbabe world map should be?
Ciao, I'm Ezio and I'm Italian.
And I'm sorry for my bad English, I'll keep studying ;-)

Ron Edwards

Hi Ezio!

I think the most important concept is to avoid putting in too much specific, pre-loaded history and plot content. The map exists as a tool, not as pre-arranged setting. The players should find things on it that they are eager to see developed, rather than things which say "The GM has something amazing secretly prepared." Therefore the map benefits from being colorful but not overly detailed.

Best, Ron


Hi guys, here's a trick I tried a couple of times with excellent (in my opinion, at least) results: I just printed a blank fantasy map (try to google "blank fantasy map") and then, at the start of the first session, asked all the players to fill in a small detail on the map taking turns, until the map felt sufficiently filled. Occasionally I would also step in to place something as the GM.

I've seen wonderful things emerge in this way, and most importantly, players actually are engaged on the imagery right from the start. I still have some of the maps produced in this way somewhere, if you're interested I can scan them and link it here.

Uh, and Ezio, now that I think of it, both Rafu and Rev from GcG were in one of the games in which I tried this - we should hear their opinions too.

just my 2c,


I want only to say "thank you" to Ron and Markus.

The resulting map didn't create any problen, so i presume it was good ^^
I would post it, but... a troll ate my files! I swear, they are wanished in thin air and I'm left with only a printed copy ç_ç

Sorry for the lateness, by the way.
Ciao, I'm Ezio and I'm Italian.
And I'm sorry for my bad English, I'll keep studying ;-)