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[Trollbabe] Harm questions

Started by James_Nostack, December 04, 2010, 05:59:40 PM

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Questions from actual play with the Print Edition of the rules. 

(1) If a Trollbabe gets injured in a social conflict, and then, without a recovery scene, gets into a fighting conflict, does she start out injured?  (In other words, does getting your ass kicked magically, mean that your ass has been kicked physically and socially as well?  This is how penalties work in Sorcerer, the d6 version of Shadow of Yesterday, and maybe PDF Trollbabe too, but I figured I should confirm: there is only one "damage track" in Trollbabe which applies to all action types, right?)

(2)  Let's say I'm injured from an earlier fighting conflict.  Before I can heal up, BANG!  New fighting conflict arises.  Let's say it's 5 series' long.  Because of my prior injury, I start out in the "first re-roll" box: i.e., a success means I win that series but a failure means I'm injured again.  Let's say I fail and forfeit that series.  So I go into the second series of 5 with two injuries.  This doesn't change anything, though: I'm still in that "first re-roll box."  Failure means yet another injury.  I fail and forfeit the series.  I go into the third of 5 series with three prior injuries, but still in "first re-roll box."  I.e., so long as I keep forfeiting a series, there's no limit to the number of times I can be injured without being incapacitated, correct?

(3)  When a player requests a recovery scene, does the simple act of granting that scene restore the Trollbabe to full health, no matter the harm taken? 

(4)  What if the player wants to narrate the method of recovery - that is, declaring she is having recuperative sex with a Named NPC who has been established in the backstory as hostile to all other creatures?  To me, that looks like a social conflict - if the Trollbabe wanted to fuck some random guy, that woudln't be an issue at all.  But if the Trollbabe specifically wants to seduce a Named Dude as way of healing up, which would necessarily involve a major change in that NPC's attitude, that seems like a conflict - does it happen before or after the recovery, mechanically?

Ron Edwards

Hi James,

1. Yes, only one damage track. I judged the PDF text about this to be ambiguous and tried to make it more explicit in the new text.

2. Right. One of my design considerations for the new text was to separate and distinctly characterize different sorts of damage. Some forms were upgraded and made quite harsh (as you noted in the other thread*), and some were altered - not downgraded - into nearly pure Color, like Injury. I have a certain faith - if that's the right word - that in-fiction considerations will lead to non-trivial narrations about this, or at least have consequences for later that are interesting enough to be worth it.

Best, Ron

* I'll get to that when I get a usable block of time.