Order problems with Adept Press

Started by konratius, January 29, 2011, 04:01:21 PM

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Ron, I tried to get in touch with the email listed at your site, but kept getting my messages returned, saying that I couldn't reach you.
I thought about joining the forum and PM:ing, but apparently I cannot view just any profile.

My order from October still hasn't delivered. It isn't supposed to take this long, is it?

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Ron Edwards

Hi - I'm worried most by the emails bouncing. Both addresses I use (sorcerer@sorcerer-rpg.com and ron@adept-press.com) are functional at this time.

Regarding your and others' orders, I have had a horrible time with printing over the last few months. As of last week, I finally got copies of Spione, It Was a Mutual Decision, and Elfs to my fulfiller (who is about to kill me), and so those books should be in the mail as I write this. Unfortunately, the printer was not as fast with S/Lay w/Me and that hasn't even shipped from the printers yet although it's supposed to be finished.

Trollbabe is its own disaster. I have been stuck in a round of final pre-print edits for months. Currently an astounding, beautiful, absolutely up-to-date version is available in Italian, but that's all. If I can only get the final PDF, then I can get it to the printer, and then I can only hope that the current mysterious delay experienced by S/Lay w/Me will not occur.

Here's what I've been telling people: I will refund any current order of S/Lay w/Me or Trollbabe and send the book anyway.

Best, Ron


Ah, that explains why my copy of S/law w Me hasn't arrived.  Honestly, I'd forgotten about it.

No need to refund anything though...I just look forward to seeing it eventually.

Ron Edwards

S/Lay w/Me arrived at my fulfillment service yesterday and all the orders are hitting the mail this morning.

Best, Ron