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Started by Ron Edwards, February 13, 2011, 02:40:50 AM

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Ron Edwards

Hi Baxil!

I sometimes forget how daunting publishing looks from the other side of the past ten-plus years ...

The bird comment was mind-candy, just for fun. Let's consider the game as a playable entity first and then talk about publication second if and only if you decide to do it, and only after that, stuffed birds.

Off to the playtesting thread.

Best, Ron


Sneaking in a note while everyone's off at GenCon --

Deathbird Black Alpha-3 has been released!  It's a MAJOR step, I hope, toward streamlining the rules.

Among the most significant edits:

  • Removed Complications from Goals; rolling against a Goal now just requires involving two other PCs

  • Chargen, especially Goal generation, should be VASTLY faster now: draw three cards and spend them on an Archetype, Flaw, and Goal

    • Added a table for Goal suggestions
  • Removed "make the GM laugh for a bonus die" - partially because of the discussion about it, but mostly because having two dice, period, means fewer things to keep track of during play, and makes Deathbird scenes cooler
  • Rolling doubles during a Goal roll is now handled differently: A double auto-succeeds, but also compels your Flaw
  • Rewrote endgame to account for the fact that you'll run out of cards between scenes

I am currently without a gaming group -- both of the groups I'm a member of had severe simultaneous scheduling issues -- so it may be some time before I'm able to playtest the revisions properly.  I'd love to hear feedback, though!