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Started by Natespank, February 28, 2011, 12:21:55 AM

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Hey Nate;

I'm the DM in that game that Erik mentioned upthread.  We're still playing and I've been making modifications to the hack over the months.  I've been trying to keep a decent AP log on EN World: http://www.enworld.org/forum/4e-fan-creations-house-rules/278034-d-d-4th-edition-hack-fiction-first-playtest.html  The version of the rules up there are pretty out of date, though I think illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish.
Dave Lucas


I'm only 10 pages in but I love what you've done with 4e. More when I'm done.
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QuoteThe version of the rules up there are pretty out of date, though I think illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have a hundred questions, but first of all, is there a more up-to-date document for your hack? I wouldn't mind testing it out myself if it's built for use by others, especially if it's relatively ready to play after some prep. I like what I've seen.

In the forum link your combats seem to last only about 3 rounds. I'm only 3 pages in, but how does your system work as the players accustom to it? How long is a typical random combat encounter?
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Callan S.

QuoteFor now, gonna focus on working with 4e though- at least for a bit
Well, remember you chose to do so, it's no longer that wizards of the coast seem to be offering something that is fun right now. It may end up quite unpleasant at times, because what your endevouring with is a wilderness trail, with all the qualities of the wilderness. Good luck with it!

Now, I was thinking of a rule change would be to actually have a limit per game day of how many people a PC is capable of killing. Say 10 or 20, with the GM possibly but unlikely to allow some extra. I know it probably jars whatever lingering simulationist impetus is around, because there is no causal reason for it game world wise - it's an entirely outside fiction limit.

Of course the ranger type character will still try to kill the whole island, but now he'll conive to get them in small groups per day. And that sort of coniving sounds interesting!

And it means if you irritate a large enough crowd, your just dead because you can't kill enough of them. So things stay dangerous. Further weaker characters are still valuable because even if they struggle to kill their 10 or 20, they up the parties overall kill capacity (by crom I sound terrible talking about that in such casual ways...lol...whata game!)

Ron Edwards

Hey everyone,

It may be that the basic thread topic here has been raised, defined further, and dealt with. Nate, what do you think? Long experience has shown me that once a thread has done that, it's much more productive to let it stand as its own document, and jump to new daughter topics with new threads. The focus seems to have shifted to the other guys' game, so maybe that time has come. Or if you think your genuine, original topic is still not quite hammered into shape, please let us all know what about it needs work, and we can finish it here. It's up to you.

Let me know. Everyone else, let Nate respond to me, please.

Best, Ron


Lets see, the original goal was to fix the 4e campaign and find the fun in it again.

I think I've gathered enough ideas to do that now. Especially Lost Soul's hack- he's done in a systematic, thought out manner what I did in pieces. Much better than my minor effort- good work!

I think it's okay to close the thread.
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Ron Edwards

Done and done.

But don't stop the conversations that began here! New threads, with actual play foundations of their own and with links back to this one, would be most welcome.

Best, Ron