[Cold Soldier] Playtest copy available

Started by Bret Gillan, May 13, 2011, 09:50:41 PM

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Bret Gillan

Just a heads up to anyone interested in Cold Soldier that the playtest document is going to be on http://gasmaskgames.com/ - just click on Cold Soldier on the top. I'd direct link it but the web page is still in construction so the location might be changing.

I will be developing the game more, I'm just trying to finish The Final Girl first so that I can focus all my attention on Cold Soldier next.



I really enjoyed my playtest of Cold Soldier, and I'm glad you're moving forward with it.

Do you mind detailing some of the changes you've made to the original design?
terrible games about terrible people in terrible situations/
terrible games about terrible people in terrible situations

Bret Gillan

Added small notes on playing the soldier and your job as GM.

The GM draws a card to hold for endgame whenever the soldier uses its weapon.

Soldier can only self-terminate if it wins endgame.

So not a whole lot. I'm finding the game is pretty sound.