Queens of Time and Space

Started by Ross Cowman, April 11, 2011, 04:05:17 PM

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Ross Cowman

I am swamped with organizing for Fabricated Realities, this is on hold for now, but I'll  come back to it after taking a break.

Ross Cowman

Update: I've had a flood of ideas and revisions for this game. I'm really excited about the direction it is going. I've been working on this steadily the past week.  I'll try and sum up it up for you...

-Each player picks a Realm sheet to rule over. Realm sheets have space for a map to be drawn, and a list of heraldic symbols.
-When the Ruler defines something in their empire they give it a coat of arms. The chosen symbols grant the power of narrative authority over elements of the story when the coat of arms is activated.
-The turn marker passes from Realm to realm. When it is before you, your empire is in the day and the others are in the night.
-The space between two empires is the borderlands (for elements that can be drawn into either empire) the space in the center is the ocean (for elements that have been driven out of play)
-When it is your turn, tell us what your ruler is doing, other players offer seeds to your empire, these seeds can be either characters, factions, places, or events.
-The ruler decides to let these seeds take root in their own realm, in the borderlands, or to drive them into the ocean (and out of play)
-going for a fantasy theme for starters though it wouldn't take much to hack different sets of Realms, chasing after particular themes

gone are: - historical queens, time travel, gates, tags, queens holding court as the only kind of scene, and envoys as the only kind of inter-player interaction, the name, I'll keep reffering to this project as Queens of Time and Space until it enters a public beta.

Feel free to comment or offer suggestions/critique. I am mostly just letting people know I am still working on this project.