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Started by Ron Edwards, May 03, 2011, 12:22:27 PM

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Ron Edwards


In case you've wondered why I haven't been Ronnying, it's because I've been in Italy for InterNosCon. I'm still trying to fix the inevitable shambles my ordinary life became during a week's absence, but the good news is that I've been playtesting and have a lot to post about. Look for it in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, more thoughts and ideas about the current games are welcome. The three Italian entries are all in major revision, for instance, so it would be good to see that work in evidence here. And anything else too.

Best, Ron

Paolo D.


Again, it was a pleasure to meet you and actually talk with you! :-)

My Wings of Blood it's still at the point of the last pdf on 1KM1KT, at this page:

(and it's on the first page on Google when you search for "Wings of Blood", by the way - very cool!)

I need to playtest it a little more with my friends before starting a full revision of my work - I still haven't played extensively the resolution system, for example.

I'll update you straight in Game Development when I'll do.



INC'11 was great and I am so happy I decided to come.
Shahida is really intriguing and inspiring. Thanks for that demo, Ron!

I'll be posting a Beta version of Knights of Twilight the next week.
I have developed a substantial new slice of the game, that now is divided in four "acts", each of which bring the players from their entering in the Order to the final War against their enemies.
I am finishing testing some parts and then I'll be ready to post an Actual Play as well.

P.S: the game -may- have a 3D paper board to track down some changing in the Fortress surroundings, during the various acts.
P.P.S: we should post some picture of the castle some of us were sleeping into, during the INC... just to build up some frustration for those who was not there! (I am evil...)