Boarsdraft Playtest Available

Started by Jbmannon, June 09, 2011, 02:36:50 PM

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Boarsdraft is a game where you play teen witches and wizards trying to make friends, learn spells and pass classes while evil tries to destroy your school, friends, and life.  I invite you and your gaming group to come and join Boarsdraft School of Wizardry.  You can download the Boarsdraft PDF, Progress Report (character sheet), Risks and Rewards sheets or if you prefer you can download all of it at once as a Zip file.  For those who prefer a physical version I have put Boarsdraft up on Lulu for the price of printing (zero profit). You can download the PDFs from here and you can order the book from here

Mark Truman

Hey there!

Neat game.  Do you have any kind of forum or area where playtesters can report back on their experiences?
Eternity is coming!  Let us know that you think of our sneak peaks.

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Hey Mark,

Sorry for taking a while getting back to you. Here, over at Story Games, in comments on the blog or in email (it's in the back of the book). Anywhere you feel most comfortable talking about your play experiences. Your own blog would also be fine just let me know where your discussing it so I can check it out!


I finally got finished editing (and re-editing) the second version of the Boarsdraft playtest.

For those of you who have heard of Boarsdraft and may have played it already, much of the core ideas are still the same. There are some pretty drastic changes in some areas and some more subtle changes in others. The feedback I have gotten from my first round of playtests has been fantastic and very useful. I'm very much looking forward to seeing and hearing how the changes work out in the wild.

Ron Edwards

This thread has to end here.

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I invite you to start a new thread to discuss anything about your design and playtesting experiences, perhaps in the Game Development forum.

Best, Ron